About Us

Welcome to A.G. DiamonDirect, manufacturers, importers and exporters of high-quality diamonds.

A.G. DiamonDirect is a rapidly growing company, managed and operated by Assaf Granot who has more than 20 years' experience in the diamond business.

We specialize in high-end, round diamonds, ranging 0.01-0.99 and 1.00-10.00 carats, colors D to L, in the IF to SI clarity range, that are cut and polished in our own factory. All DiamonDirect stones come with GIA, HRD, IGI certificates or parcels.

We strive to preserve the highest standards in every step of the diamond finishing process. We use sophisticated microscopes in the sorting process and our expert cutters and polishers maintain very demanding manufacturing standards that ensure the quality of our finished products.

At A.G. DiamonDirect we believe that the diamond business is about investment:
• You invest your time in choosing the right company to work with
• You invest your trust in the company that you can count on
• You invest your thought to build a successful business
• And you invest your trade in the company that helps you grow

The 4 T’s: Time, trust, thought and trade are our commitment to you – our investment means service specifically tailored to the needs of each and every
client – at competitive prices. We want our customers to be totally satisfied.

Choose A.G. DirectDiamond Ltd. and we will meet your needs time and time again.